Patrice's Estate Sales

Facts About Estate Sales

You do not need to have Antiques to have a Estate Sale. In fact household items sell very well. Sometimes they can sell easier than your high end Antiques and family heirlooms.

Do not throw anything away. Please wait for a professional liquidation company to come in before throwing out items. You would be surprised at what will sell. The old saying one mans trash is another treasure is very true.
Can I have a  estate sale while living in the house?
Yes it can be done. I have worked with people while living in the house. It can be a little harder but with the right team it can work.

How long can it take to have a estate sale?
 Some sales can be set up and done in a week others can take two to three weeks. It depends on how much is in the house and if there is a lot of organizing and cleaning to be done.

How many days will a estate sale run?
A estate sale could be opened to the public for one day up to three to four days. Usually two days is a good time frame but if more is in the house three days is good. I usually do Friday and Saturday bigger sale I will start on a Thursday.

How do you advertise?
We will put a add on estate, local papers,email and signs.

Do I need to sign a contract?
We do have a contract that states our services and clarifies the percentage we take. It is just a good safety measure for you and us. When we do a consultation we will discuss the contract and answer any questions.

If all the items do not sell what will happen to them?
We can donate them to a charity or leave you the leftovers. Some things can go to a consignment shop. We usually wait to see what is left and discuss that at the end. If there is enough to donate we work with a charity that will come clean out a house. Small expensive items can be put on consignment with me. 
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